Relieve pain

Relieve pain

80% of our clients’ pain can be relieved through rebalancing their posture. This could be your case too.
Prevent injuries

Prevent injuries

Active Isolated Flexibility increases range of motion, mobility and health of muscles, tendons and ligaments, reducing the risk of muscle strain and tear.
Promote faster recovery

Promote faster recovery

Active Isolated Stretching improves oxygenation and nutrition of the myofacial structures promoting growth and repair.
Increase your blood circulation

Increase your blood circulation

Stretching stimulates the circulation and lymph drainage, which helps eliminate wastes.

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No, this is not a mistake or misprint; “frozen shoulder” does indeed afflict countless runners and is not a condition to be relegated to swimmers,
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Active Isolated Flexibility

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Towel Pulls Video

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Sock & Weight Exercise

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Now. Now would be the best time…

Now. Now would be the best time… People frequently ask me the best time to integrate active-isolated flexibility into their workout routine. My initial thought is a Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Now. Now would be
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Our Service

  • Classes, Clinics, Workshops, and Seminars

    Wharton Health can provide the ultimate education experience for a wide range of audiences, and tailor content to meet your group's specific needs. With over 20 years of teaching experience, the Whartons can provide your group with life-changing information in a dynamic and interactive format. The Whartons have worked with athletes of all levels in a wide range of disciplines including: football; basketball; baseball; golf; track and field; swimming; squash, tennis, dance and more. They have also worked with a range of businesses and organizations to address a variety of concerns from carpel tunnel syndrome to Parkinson's Disease, and more.
  • Certifications

    Many health-care and fitness professionals are aware of the immense value of AI Flexibility and its benefits. Becoming an Active -Isolated Flexibility Technician presents the opportunity to learn this work directly from the Whartons - the gold-standard of musculoskeletal health for over 20 years. This intensive course introduces you to the foundation of the Wharton System that continue to serve professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes worldwide - as well as the general public and people with specific musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Individual Sessions

    Wharton Health offers individual sessions in New York City and the Metropolitan DC area, as well as workshops and seminars throughout the country. Our unique vision includes an educational approach based on the integration of the AI (active isolated) and joint-integrity strengthening programs with other therapeutic healing modalities. Services include: Musculoskeletal evaluation and treatments, assisted flexibility and joint integrity strengthening, recovery therapies, and phone and internet consultations.


  • "After three marathons in the past year, culminating in the Beijing Olympic Games, I was ready for a good break. Subsequently, after two weeks of not running I was in much need of some therapy. I spent a week with Tom Nohilly at the Wharton Performance Center going through their unique flexibility and strengthening techniques. I am now feeling ready for the hard training for my next marathon. Their method is simple, yet brilliant. Isolating the specific muscles used for my sport that are in much need of strengthening. I am confident that if I apply the techniques I have learned it will greatly increase the longevity of my career. I feel blessed to have the Wharton's and everyone at the clinic as friends." 
    Ryan Hall, Olympian
  • "Jim Wharton is special. He understands all the important aspects of musculoskeletal pathology. As a physician, I can comfortably say he knows human anatomy better than most orthopedic surgeons. By way of example, Jim not only has an understanding of the insertion and attachment ligaments, tendons and connective tissues, he also understands how multiple tissue layers are aligned and oriented about the inner skeletal support system." I have been going to see Jim for over a year. Perhaps the best testament to his skill and expertise is that I need him far less than I did one year ago and have developed the needed skills to not only maintain a healthy physical condition but also improve my musculoskeletal health. Above and beyond his level of competence are his demeanor and the way he interacts with with his patients and friends alike."
    Dr. Stewart Schecter, MD. Cardiologist
  • The best thing that's happened to me during my running career was being able to be treated By Jim and Phil Wharton. Their stretching therapy has helped me recover faster from injuries and from my stressful training. With their therapy I am able to train better due to increases in my level of flexibility and strength. I have captured 2 World Record's in marathons (2h05:42/2h05:38) while in the care of Jim and Phil Wharton. This is a stretching technique that I will never stop receiving during my career.
    Khalid Khannouchi, Chicago Marathon winner in world record time (2:05:42)