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Athletes rave about the program by this father-son team
— USA Today

The Whartons have been providing simple solutions to complicated muscular conditions for over twenty years.  For years they have been considered the “gold standard” in the field of musculoskeletal health and fitness and their training methods have been featured throughout the national media. 

The objective of the Wharton work is to take the mystery and confusion out of attaining optimal health and provide simple solutions to complicated problems.  A key component of our process is education - providing people with the tools necessary to harness and achieve optimum health.  Health, fitness and athletics are a metaphor for the human spirit, a spirit that is indomitable and expansive. 

While performing in films and training for marathons, I suffered disk herniations. I was a mess - pain, atrophy, weakness, numbness. Once the Whartons got their hands on me, I was right back on my feet. I was blown away by the knowledge, passion, and commitment that Jim and Phil have for what they do.
— William Baldwin, Actor
You Continue to do amazing things. We have been using the exercises you shared with the York program in 2006. The kids that best incorporate are the ones that also find the most success. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
— Charlie Kern, York High School (IL) Cross Country and Track
The Whartons’ Strength Book can serve as a personal trainer in a unique system of working individual muscles to attain not only greater strength but also improved general health. Having worked with the Whartons, I consider them uniquely qualified as teachers of this method.
— Andrew Weil, MD