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About Jim Wharton and Phil Wharton

For years The Whartons have been considered the “gold standard” in the field of musculoskeletal health and fitness, championing active isolated principles through The Whartons Flexibility Zone ® and The Whartons Strength Zone® Systems.

While performing in films and training for marathons, I suffered disk herniations. I was a mess-pain, atrophy, weakness, numbness. Once the Whartons got their hands on me, I was right back on my feet. I was blown away by the knowledge, passion, and commitment that Jim and Phil have for what they do.
— William Baldwin, actor

Jim and Phil Wharton created Wharton Performance in 1989.  They have trained and rehabilitated people of all ages and stages from athletic luminaries such as Olympic medalists and dancers on the Broadway stage to those experiencing difficult muscular conditions.  They authored The Wharton Health Series – which includes The Whartons' Stretch Book, The Whartons' Strength BookThe Whartons' Cardio-Fitness Book, and The Whartons' Back Book and worked with hundreds of Olympic athletes in a variety of disciplines.  They have appeared throughout national media and been featured on Dateline NBCThe Discovery Channel, and appeared in many publications including Runner’s World, Shape, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as the online editions of The New York Times and National Public Radio.  Their columns, “The Body Shop” and "Whartons' Simple Solutions" appeared in Runner’s World and Running Times respectively.