Fall into Alignment

Your Postural Self Test - Do You Line Up?




Stand up against a wall or door. Stand flush against the surface. The heels of your feet, pelvis, rear shoulders, and head should all touch the surface you are in front of. Inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. Relax and clear your mind. Stay in this position for several moments. How does this position feel? Does this alignment feel comfortable or uncomfortable? What are you noticing in your body? Is it difficult to maintain this position? Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort? What are you noticing?

Believe it or not by standing up against a straight vertical surface you are in optimum postural alignment. Your neck should be approximately five degrees hyperextended— or towards the back -  and the rest of your body should be perfectly plumb. That is our natural design to evenly distribute the force of gravity and enjoy efficiency of movement.

Now, take several steps away from the wall or surface. Inhale gently. Exhale gently. Continue easy breathing. Pause. Relax. Do you feel yourself settling into your normal everyday posture? Most all of us have some part of our bodies that are in need of realignment.


Note: Which of the Whartons Flexibility Zone ® and Whartons Strength Zone ® is out of alignment for you? All Five of the Whartons Flexibility and Strength Zone ®   exercises are found on the Whartons Streaming Video Channel