Resolve to...Revise….Your Resolutions


Trash the long list


While some doubt the validity of the data surrounding the existence of Blue Monday, there is no shortage of data, statistics, and research touting the failure of the New Year’s resolution. How sad -  surely there is a way to parlay the eternal optimism of the New Year to make life better? The secret may actually reside in what has been left undone. Yes, that’s right, “forget about it” (or at least, some of it).

What to do?

  • Trash the long list.

  • Begin with realistic goals in just a few categories of your life.

  • Cut your resolutions down to a few “doable” daily changes.

  • Be honest: is this goal, habit, or objective truly essential to you?

  • Does just thinking of bringing this into your life make you smile and bring you joy? If not, get rid of it. 

Research confirms it take 21 days to form a habit and 66 days to integrate the habit. By eliminating the superfluous non-essentials your world opens up to what truly matters most to you.

Further Reading: Be it Resolved by John Tierney includes the compelling story of a client Jim and I worked with to help loose weight. The article illustrates the power of focusing on what’s most important and committing to that goal.