frequently asked questions



Q: Who can benefit from the Whartons’ Flexibility and Strength DVD’s?

A: Anyone who wishes to achieve better range of motion—flexibility,  postural alignment, improve joint and muscular stability, restore muscular function, and create the circulatory response that accelerates the healing process.

Q: What is the difference between video titles, "Flexibility or Strength for Athletes and Everyone" and the "Flexibility or Strengthening for Runners" videos? 

A: The "Athletes and Everyone" videos have updated menu pages and different cover artwork. The main content is the same. 

Q: Is the material in the videos the same work that is in the Whartons’ Stretch, Strength, and Back Books?

A: Yes, all the exercises on both video series are the same as that in our books.  However, many people find the instructional visuals provided in the video helpful in their understanding and enjoyment of the work. 

Q:  Is it safe to perform the exercises in these DVD’s while recovering from an injury or musculoskeletal condition?

 A: Once you are cleared by your physician or health care professional for range of motion exercise, for the flexibility work or - in the case of the strength—resistance/strength training it is safe to perform these exercises. Depending on your current condition you may need to begin within your own range of motion, using modified versions at first.  Please read the Terms of Service.

Q:  What is different in the new Flexibility DVD from the Runner’s World Flexibility video that I purchased years ago?

A: The new videos are filmed in HD and are transferable to a smart phone or other electronic device. Additionally, the new video has new a Foot/Ankle Flexibility routine and a 10 Minute“Quick Release” routine for when you are busy or before and after training for the athlete. Also, the new video contains a 20 minute routine for when more time opens up, as well as the complete 40 minute program.

Q: Are team Flexibility Ropes available?

A: Team colors and specialized custom logos are no longer available. 

Q: Where can I purchase the Whartons' books?

  • The Whartons' Complete Strength Book is an e-book available through a variety of online retailers. It can also be downloaded as a PDF via the link provided.   
  • The Whartons' Strength Book: Upper Body is an e-book available from a variety of online retailers.  It can also be downloaded as a PDF via the link provided.   
  • The Whartons' Strength Book:  Lower Body is an e-book available from a variety of online retailers. It can also be downloaded as a PDF via the link provided.   
  • The Whartons' Stretch Book is available from this website as part of the Flexibility Kit.  We are unable to sell the book individually. 
  • The Whartons' Back Book is also available from most major retailers.  We are unable to sell the book individually. 

Q: Why is The Whartons' Strength Book series unavailable on Amazon's Kindle?

A:  We recently removed our e-books from Amazon(we are unable to remove our print books from the site, as we do not own the rights to them). The evidence is overwhelming (here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here,  and here, and here, and here) that Amazon is not a company with which we could continue - in good conscience -  to do business.  Full discussion is beyond the scope of this forum as it invariable dovetails into a host of complex timely issues, but the gist is that in an effort to be part of the solution we have to control what we can and act accordingly.

Q: Who does your fulfillment?

A:  We do all product assembly and fulfillment ourselves. 




Q: How do I reach the Whartons for in-person consultations? 

A: Phil Wharton is in New York City and Washington DC monthly or quarterly and can be reached at

Jim Wharton can be reached at and offers consultations by appointment at La Palestra Plaza in New York City.

Q: How do I reach Phil or Jim Wharton for guest appearances, speaking engagements, or seminars? 

A: Phil, Jim, or both Whartons may be available on a limited basis. Please contact us at

Q: Will the Whartons answer my health question?

A: Phil and Jim receive lots of email.  Because most of their day is spent either working with people or developing new affordable health resources their time is limited. Phone & Online Consultations are available by appointment to help those in need. 

Q: Do the Whartons accept insurance?

A:  The Whartons are unable to accept insurance at this time.