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Athletes rave about the program by this father-son team.
— USA Today

  Film by Michael DelMonte

The Whartons’ Health Experience has been a paradigm shift for me in my middle age and I now feel obliged to share it with all my friends and family so they can feel the benefits themselves. This is truly a new path that I will encourage everyone to join me on.
— Jason L., June 2017
You continue to do amazing things. We have been using the exercises you shared with the York program in 2006. The kids that best incorporate are the ones that also find the most success. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
— Charlie Kern, York High School (IL) Cross Country and Track
I started doing your 20 min and 40 min AIS last week. Wow! What a difference it has made! My hips have so much mobility and my stride is so FREE! I’m a 2:54 marathoner aspiring to be much faster and I know this will help tremendously! Thank you for all your work!
— Daniel, April 2016

The Whartons have been providing simple solutions to complicated muscular conditions for over twenty years.  For years they have been considered the “gold standard” in the field of musculoskeletal health and fitness. Their training methods have been featured throughout the national media. 

The objective of the Wharton work is to take the mystery and confusion out of attaining optimum health and provide simple solutions to complicated problems.  A key component of our process is education - providing people with the tools necessary to harness and achieve optimum health.  Health, fitness and athletics are a metaphor for the human spirit, a spirit that is indomitable and expansive.  

The Whartons stretching and strengthening programs...cured my 5-year problems. I finally made the 2000 Olympics injury free and broke 5 Irish records en-route. This could not have been possible without the Whartons.
— Mark Carroll, Irish National Record Holder Track & Field

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