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Wharton Health Products

Wharton Health Products provide all of the resources needed for muscular balance and injury prevention - featuring The Whartons Flexibility Zone ® and The Whartons Strength Zone® System.


Whartons Muscle Salve


Whartons Muscle Salve


This anti-inflammatory herbal analgesic ointment is used for muscle, tendon and ligament strains and sprains.  Special herbal ingredients reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

This herbal formula has its origins in the ancient Shaolin martial arts schools of China which were proceeded by the Buddhist monastery’s of Tibet. With an impressive clinical history of over 2,500 years, this “Trauma Medicine” or “Hit Medicine”, is commonly known in China as “Dit Ta Yao”. Frequent injuries due to warfare, personal, and property protection, and training injuries gave rise to the specialty of the “Dit Da Ya” doctors. Dit Ta Yao originates from “Buddhist Monk Medicine” or “Seng Yi” as practiced by the monks of the Shaolin temples and Tibetan Buddhist monastery’s.

“Seng Yi” utilizes methods of healing injuries sustained through physical exertion and injury with herbal applications. These herbal formulas were passed on orally and in scriptures through the centuries before finally being committed to written western words in the 20th century.

This specific soothing herbal formula is particularly powerful and assists the body in healing and getting rid of damaged tissue and re-building the tissue injured by trauma. Also for acute traumatic injuries accompanied with bruising, heat, swelling and pain where the skin is not broken.


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