Thank you very much. I cannot live without your programs. They really help make life better.
— Dr. George, April 2016
The Whartons’ Strength Book can serve as a personal trainer in a unique system of working individual muscles to attain not only greater strength but also improved general health. Having worked with the Whartons, I consider them uniquely qualified as teachers of this method.
— Andrew Weil, M.D.
Purchased both your vids and they’ve helped me tremendously...thanks again for your fact-based work in a world of psuedo-science.
— Curt T., January 2016
The Whartons’ Health Experience has been a paradigm shift for me in my middle age and I now feel obliged to share it with all my friends and family so they can feel the benefits themselves. This is truly a new path that I will encourage everyone to join me on.
— Jason L., June 2017
I started doing your 20 min and 40 min AIS last week. Wow! What a difference it has made! My hips have so much mobility and my stride is so FREE! I’m a 2:54 marathoner aspiring to be much faster and I know this will help tremendously! Thank you for all your work!”
— Daniel, April 2016
You continue to do amazing things. We have been using the exercises your shared with the York program in 2006. The kids that best incorporate are the ones that also find the most success. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
— Charlie Kern, York High School (IL) Cross Country and Track
I just wanted to let you know that these videos have been great. I’m already noticing vast improvements in my range of motion in just six days...I’m watching both the Strength and Flexibility. My running has become more efficient. I feel stronger and more explosive. The sky is the limit at this point and I have not been this hopeful in over five years. Keep doing the work you do.
— Erik J., January 2016
The Whartons’ stretching and strengthening programs...cured my 5-year problems. I finally made the 2000 Olympics injury free and broke 5 Irish records en-route. This could not have been possible without the Whartons.
— Mark Carroll, Irish National Record Holder Track & Field
My stride has lengthened out in just 3 days and my sciatic problem has miraculously disappeared. I feel balanced, more fluid and powerful....with a million thanks to you and your father for all your years of hard work to deliver to us such a simple solution to running longevity. I cannot believe the benefits were immediately noticeable...
— Greer, 2016
While performing in films and training for marathons, I suffered disk herniations. I was a mess-pain, atrophy, weakness, numbness. Once the Whartons got their hands on me, I was right back on my feet. I was blown away by the knowledge, passion, and commitment that Jim and Phil have for what they do.
— William Baldwin, Actor
I was certain nothing was ever going to cure the pain in my neck and give me range of motion. Meeting with Phil Wharton was an absolute godsend. I have the utmost respect for the Whartons.
— Barry K. Schwartz, Founder of Calvin Klein
With the Whartons’ program, there’s no limit to what you want to do. You can improve as much as you want in the areas you’d like, and you can tailor the program specifically to your needs.
— Chris Martin, former coach of the Great Britain National Swim Team and the U.S. Olympic and National Swim Teams